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These classes are for dogs & puppies  from 4 months onward. (Fully Vaccinated)

Full and up to date vaccination and vet records covering flea and worm treatments must be brought along to your first class and all dogs must wear a flat collar, not a check chain, with current registration and come be restrained onleash.

Remote collars or devices of any kind are not used or allowed in any of our training classes.

Classes are $15 per dog per class. All new clients are expected to attend a private assessment session before starting into classes, the assessment is $45. Payment is required at each class. As we do not have eftpos facilities payment is to be made by cash or bank deposit.

The information below provides an overview of the course. Further enquiries, enrolments and directions please email Alison at

PLEASE NOTE: If your dog has issues such as aggression / fear / anxious in group situations... it is likely that you will be offered private training before you start into the manners classes. 

Any dog who comes to class and is excessively disruptive to the class may be asked to leave that class and will also be offered private training classes to manage/resolve those issues before they can return to a class situation.

This class will cover a variety of training to give you and your dog the skills to enjoy outings and new environments.

Basic training including, loose lead and heel work, sit, down, recall, stay, off, retrieve, play and settle and working with age appropriate distractions nearby.

We also address specific behaviours ie. pulling on lead, jumping up, nipping, over excitement, anxiety and fear.

We will use some basic agility gear in some classes to make the exercises more fun for the puppies, ie recall through a tunnel.

Play and trick training, having fun with your pup.

Training aids and methods of controlling and redirecting undesired behaviours.

Understanding the dogs needs, learning capacity, body language and favourite rewards. Building a stronger bond with the dog through understanding their body language and knowing your dog well in varying situations.

Dealing with on and off lead issues such as altercations, fearfulness, anxiety, over active play, reactiveness, and even laziness.

Meeting people in a polite manner, walking beside the owner in a calm manner.

Learning to keep your dogs attention and focus and be able to keep your own focus on what your dog is doing and saying.

Rally O exercises, great for loose lead work and training heel work without realising you are even doing it! LOTS of fun!!!

Free Run Play (In safe fenced in areas for those dogs who are safe to do so and those handlers who are happy for their dogs to do so)

Some other learning opportunities are bound to come up within the course of each class as different situations arise with the dogs we have on each particular day.

Dependant upon the class participants we may take some classes to other venues such as the redwoods, Hannahs Bay, or local shopping centre to include some daily walk type settings and what training can be included when out and about.

For further information on this class and enrolment information please email Alison at


I am available for private dog training within the Rotorua and nearby areas.


Some of the issues often covered are:


Non Contact Aggression

Reactivity to certain situations

Separation Issues

Behaviour issues specific to the home environment.

Setting up and managing your home environment in a way that keep everyone happy and safe.



Private training usually takes place at a venue where the

behaviour that needs to be worked on manifests the most.

This may be out on walks, within your home environment

or some other place your dog regularly visits.


PRICES - Private Training


First Visit - $100

This will take approximately 1 to 1.5hrs and you will need to be there

the whole time. You may be required to sit down and discuss your dog, and the issues you have with the dog. This will include

information about his medical, nurtrition and history.

 You will be given some work to do with the dog which will require

DAILY time spent implimenting training for the issues involved.

A followup phone call will be made 3 to 5 days after the initial visit to guage how your progress is going and book a followup visit if required.


Followup visits - $50

Each of these visits may take up to an hour and the amount of

followup visits you need will depend upon how much regular training time

YOU are putting in each week and how far you wish to go with

training your dog.



Once the initial issues have been improved you may wish to join our group classes or do further training to keep your dog learning. 

Some of the options i can help with are:

Canine Good Citizen Training

Basic Obediance and Rally O

Trick Training

Clicker Training


If you have interest in other dog sports please feel free to ask

as i can give you details of others who may be training in other



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